Azienda s.r.l.

The Sepian S.r.l. born in Aosta in 1978 and uses so many years of experience in the construction industry. Always has successfully passed the various issues "make" due to his professionalism and technical expertise together with courtesy and attention to the customer and his needs.

The company has always worked for private buildings in new residential - commercial - industrial in renovation and restoration of historic buildings in our city sites, Aosta. For decades, we are also fully incorporated and recognized in the public sphere in the construction of schools, town halls, museums, sports facilities and construction of squares impressive and of great importance. Ltd. also designs, manufactures and sells residential, commercial and industrial areas of quality, offering a guarantee of professionalism, reliability and complete availability to customers, right from the design phase.

The enterprise has adopted a quality system EN ISO 9001:2000. It is also attested by the Organismo Attestation Bentley SpA SOA Turin for the execution of public works for the category OG1 class V (buildings edificli civil and industrial restructuring and maintenance) for an amount of Euro 5,165,000




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